Personal Protective Equipment- PPE

Long before H1N1 and Covid-19 we have carried supplies to deal with environmental irritants or for emergency preparedness. Supply chains have been disrupted by Covid-19 so we recommend calling us at 203.792.6872 to check availability as our stock is constantly rotating. At this time we are offering curbside service.

PPE is the acronym for Personal Protective Equipment. This category consists of surgical ear loop face masks, N95 face masks, gloves, eye protection, isolation gowns, & shoe covers, etc. Shoe covers are used by medical personnel as well as realtors, painters, and those who work in clean rooms. Bouffant caps are also used in clean rooms and in the food service industry. In our store you will also find Med Nap individually wrapped hand wipes, which are great to keep in the car, in your purse, etc. Specimen cups and tweezers, aside from obvious uses, are helpful to keep on hand for ticks. Cottons gloves are great for dry hands or someone dealing with dermatitis or a poison ivy or poison oak breakout. We also stock first aid kits or you can create custom kits to suit your specific needs.

Health professionals or anyone seeking gifts for recent grads will find penlights, basic or Laerdal CPR masks, Sprague or Littman stethoscopes, Automatic or aneroid blood pressure units, or even emergency blankets, bandage scissors, hemostats, triangular bandages & more in our store.