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Our fitters are manufacturer and or BOC Certified fitters who receive ongoing education. We have 3 fitters on staff & hundreds of pairs of compression garments (stockings) in stock & ready to dispense. We stock Medi & Venosan compression garments to help you manage any circulatory or lymphatic issues.

If you experience swelling, you should come in and get measured in the morning. We will get the least swollen measurement which allows the stocking to provide a maximum benefit. An appointment is not required if you are not using your insurance.

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If you plan to use your insurance:

Step 1 – call us at 203.792.6872 and give us your demographic & insurance information so we may contact your insurance to verify eligibility & coverage.

Step 2 – Ask your doctor to fax us an Rx and your chart notes justifying the item being ordered to 203.798.8640.

Step 3 – We will advise you regarding coverage criteria of compression garments on your plan.

Most insurance companies do not cover compression stockings.

We have many therapeutic compression stockings that do not require an Rx and they are not covered by insurance.

Examples: 8-15mmhg & 15-20mmhg

A compression of 20-30mmhg or above always requires a Rx regardless of who the payor is. Our fax # is 203.798.8640.

Specialty Compression

Juxtalite / Circaid By Medi

Juxtalite is non elastic compression using the Juxtalock Band system which is commonly referred to as Velcro closure stockings. Rx required.



We carry Restific by Medi for Restless Leg Syndrome – RLS

Restific has a Flexor- T pad that cradles the ball of the foot. Restific creates a comfortable soothing effect which allows you to relax & enjoy uninterrupted sleep. Rx required.

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Let us help you find affordable solutions to your healthcare needs.  Please feel free to contact us at 203-792-6872 or stop in today.  We appreciate your business.

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